Selecting a Gift for a Book Lover

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Selecting a gift for a book lover should not be difficult, right? After all, book lovers like to read books (hence “book lovers“) and a good book is a perfect gift for every occasion. This may be true, however, finding a good book for a bibliophile is not an easy task unless you are a bibliophile yourself and know the person whom you need to buy a gift very well (and the books he or she likes and has already read). But if you do not know what kind of books he or she likes or has already read, finding a great book for a book lover is like winning the lottery.

Book lovers are very critical when it comes to books and picking out a book you think that cannot be bad may not achieve the desired effect. There is a great chance that he or she has already read it, especially if it is a bestseller. Choosing a book written by a less known author is even more risky because your bibliophile may not like it. You do not want that either, do you? As you see, selecting a gift for a book lover is not as easy as it may seem at a first glance and requires some out-of-the-box thinking in order to make sure that your bibliophile will really like it. It may be true that it is the thought that matters but if you are already giving a gift, then it is worth to give something that will make the receiver happy about it. In addition, a carefully chosen gift reveals the level of your respect and affection for the person you are giving a gift.

If you do not feel comfortable choosing a book for your book lover, then what should you buy? Before you start the search, you should think about the person’s personality and other interests he or she has other than reading books. However, do not despair if you cannot come up with anything other than reading books. The fact that you need a gift for a book lover is enough to make your selection of a perfect gift a lot easier. Wonder what can you give a bibliophile if you do not want to take the chance with a book? Here are some suggestions.

Membership card to a bookstore. There is probably no better way than to make a book lover happy than by giving him or her a membership card to a bookstore. That way you will enable your book lover to pick a book he or she would like to read on his or her own at a discount. However, be sure to choose a bookstore that has a good selection of books.
Bookmarks. Book lovers cannot afford to read the entire book interrupted, while many of them like to read multiple books simultaneously. Since it is impossible to remember where they left off each time their close their books, they can never have enough bookmarks. Finding really nice bookmarks should not be a problem considering the huge offer.
Bookends. A pair of classy bookends is a good choice as well because bibliophiles like to keep their books organized. In addition, many bookends are highly decorative.
Book bag. If you need a gift for a book lover, there is a great chance that he or she is carrying books around on a regular basis. A carefully chosen book bag with enough room for multiple books will be without a doubt appreciated.
Reading lamp. Many bibliophiles like to read late into the night and a good reading lamp is a must. If your book lover is reading without a reading lamp, get him or her one. He or she will understand your gesture.

The above mentioned gift ideas are only a few of many options that will delight every bibliophile. All you need to do is to find a book-related gift that is not a book. Giving books to book lovers is a risky thing, however, you can easily give your bibliophile a book in some cases. A great choice are special editions and rare books which will be most certainly appreciated although it is important to keep in mind that these kind of books are often very expensive. Another “safe“ book for a bibliophile is a book about books.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

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